Smartwatch ( tvOS) Development Growth Potential For Apple Developers

    App developers show the Apple Watch were still almost in a frenzy of development, nothing more to see now. There's hardly any development of new apps for the Apple Watch

    On the contrary, The wearable is currently in the interest ranking even after the Apple TV. Why is it? Is it a change in sight? If so, when? Little more than a year ago, the Apple Watch appeared and all developers have been fire and flame for this, to develop apps for it.

    Now, look at the app market for the Smartwatch, faint glow remains of initial flaring, which is just about to go out... The initial enthusiasm is gone. The interest in the smart watch is disappearing.

    The developer database realm came to this realization, but it has evaluated data from 100,000 developers and over a billion users. The result is disastrous. It is true that, it is still always scary for many applications to be developed. It is however also true that
only a single app for the Apple-watch comes to 1,000 iOS apps.

    Reasons for this are probably the fourth generation of tvOS and almost demoralizing dependence on the iPhone. It will be no more than an expensive from an inherently outstanding gadget tags.

Television or watch?
    Now, a new fire has broken out in the camps of the app developer: tvOS appeared in the fourth generation and now significantly more opportunities to play and to realize, as the seemingly dusty Apple Watch.

    Of course, you want to show also, as fast as possible in the presence of the app store and secure important shares. But the very fact that the television operating system new version has just been released and has been sufficient to bring developers back in swing.

    By the above mentioned, 1.000 iOS apps, all ten on tvOS fall - that is not really much, although in a direct comparison but at the current time, it's still ten times more than currently watch.

    One logical approach to this development is that, you should come to conclude that new investment in the smart wristwatch should be sufficient to create new incentives. The watch is dead - long live the watch!

    The announcement at the latest Apple WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) was a step in the right direction. There, the new version was presented by WatchOS 3, which allows for an improved operation of the unit and also to do it faster.

   Handling was also revised, so that the favorite apps of the users in a separate dock have been moved and is now available with the page button. According to Apple, application should be ready and up to seven times faster on display than the past.

Friends of fitness - or activity
    Apps now have the opportunity to share their activities with friends. Therefore, to constantly compare. In addition, some things were fixed, integrated, developed and improved. For example, watchOS 3 letters now written directly on the display and it can detect and convert into words.

    This offers the user the possibility to respond to messages directly on the watch.
Developers are waiting for the Apple Watch 2. There are still only speculation of usually quite well-informed 9to5Mac magazine, however the first rumours about a published Apple Watch 2 in autumn and a simultaneously published iPhone 7 are circulating already.

    According to this, Apple is already working that apps work in the future regardless of the iPhone on the Apple Watch. Newly installed components such as a GPS sensor and a
powerful WiFi chip and the speech. Also, a longer battery-run-time would be desirable.

    If the rumors prove to be true and on the dates, as well as the planned innovations be something to it, nothing is likely to be a renewed as regards the euphoria on the part of the developer.