9+ Best Softwares to Protect your Computer from Hackers & Viruses

Anti-hacker software to protect your PC
Hackers are a constant threat to users of Internet. Companies and people use the network daily by exposing confidential or important information to so-called hackers who have become a major problem for Internet security.

Many countries have hardened the punishments for cybercriminals but this is not enough and stronger measures must be taken to stop computer looters.

Really, antivirus are not enough to stop hackers, it is important to use an anti-piracy tool as a complement or second layer of protection. With the following software, the degree of difficulty for hackers will be high, and almost impossible to infringe.


1. Windows Defender Advanced Threat protection

    Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be a secure operating system. This application is based on Windows 10 security defenses. It is excellent for detecting and eliminating malware on your PC. What the antivirus on your computer does not detect, Windows Defender will fight it.

2. Reason CORE Security
This security tool eliminates the malware and adware that the antivirus installed on your computer does not detect. Offers real-time protection without making your computer system to be slow in operation. It is constantly updated to protect your Computer from the latest threats.

    3. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
It is a set of tools for the safety of Microsoft Windows. It provides a unified interface to enable Windows security features. The actions of the hackers will be blocked with this application. Defend against malware that your antivirus could not detect and the program is totally free.

4. Superanty spyware
It is a powerful anti-hacking tool that can detect and eliminate spyware, adware, Trojans, fake security software, worms, rookits and all kinds of threats that can affect the security of yout PC or mobile device.

5. Anti-hacker
Its name says it all, it’s made to make life very difficult for hackers. Identifies and eliminates keyloggers, has special protection for those who use virtual banks (keys, passwords and usury) will be safe with this powerful application.

6. Trojan Remover
Automatically removes malware (Trojans, worms, adware, spyware, etc). and eliminates malware that has infected and modified your system and restore to normal functioning.. For each threat detected, it shows exactly the location of the file and the name.

7. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
This program is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems and Apple OS X. Excellent to block threats that come from the network, hinders all the processes you want to perform and the malware are identified in real time with deep analyses of your databases.

8. Hitmanpro
Removes malware, spyware, and all kinds of viruses. It is a trusted tool for computers that are considered to be in jeopardy. Gathers processable intelligence and scans the collected information to identify the files that act and look like malware.

9. McAfee Security Scan Plus
Free tool that protects your computer by actively checking with up-to-date antivirus. An excellent fire-fighting, also explores and looks for threats in programs that are running. Explore the browsing history and cookies thoroughly. You can test the tool on their official website.

10. Spybot Search & Destroy
It works with old operating systems like Microsoft Windows 95 and later. Scans to the depths to detect and eliminate malware. Immunizes your computer with the installation of spyware. Your computer is more than protected with this extraordinary application.


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