How to Block Someone’s Number on Whatsapp with FingerSecurity App

Learn to block WhatsApp with your fingerprint
There is nothing more uncomfortable than when someone took advantage of the trust you have or doing their spy work and read the messages that are in your WhatsApp or another application where you receive text messaging.

The good news is that, it is now possible to block access to the applications you want with FingerSecurity. An app that makes the fingerprint necessary so you can access Android services.

To shield your phone from people who want to spy on your mobile device, simply follow the steps below to make your fingerprint the only way to access it.

1. Download and install Fingersecurity
FingerSecurity is an application that you can download completely free from Google Play, if you want all the power of the app in its premium level, you will have to pay but to block your WhatsApp with the fingerprint reader, payment is not really necessary as you can access this feature free and without limits.

2. Allow access to the applications
If you want the app to work properly, you will have to allow access to all other applications on your mobile phone. If you don’t do it, it will be impossible to protect your WhatsApp with your fingerprint. A shortcut to the settings is offered from the FingerSecurity settings menu. To achieve this, just move the tab and turn back.

3. Check compatibility and set a password
It all depends on how up-to-date or recent your mobile version is. Not all devices are compatible with FingerSecurity but I can tell you that almost all the android phones in circulation now are compatible.

If you pass the test, the app will ask you to set a four-character password. The option is necessary if you can not use your fingerprint to unlock applications like WhatsApp.

4. Access to WhatsApp with your Fingerprint
When you have finished the initial configuration of FingerSecurity, just

select which application you want to protect with your fingerprint. Once the gesture is done, you can quietly return to the home screen or close FingerSecurity. Now WhatsApp will be locked and only your fingerprint will allow access.


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