35 Most Used Microsoft Excel Formulas & Keyboard Shortcuts you Must Know

 keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Excel
Excel is the software that’s most often used by individuals and companies to group data because spreadsheets facilitate numerical computations through the use of formulas. In a very simple way, you can do operations of Arithmetics with over hundreds of thousands of mathematical data.

The advantages of Excel have always been of great benefit to the departments of finance in the companies, and the reason why many people believe that Excel is an application for the accounting departments is because there are many benefits of the tool that are useful for data compilation in any type of industry.

Regardless of the field where you are using the spreadsheet, the following 35 keyboard shortcuts will be very useful whenever you try to quicken your work in Excel. It’s indeed an excellent option.

35 essential keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Excel
F11 >> New graphic
F4 >> To Split the last edition
F2 >> Edit selected cell
ALT + = >> Automatic Sum the selected cells
ALT >> Access to ribbon for formulas
ALT + Enter >> New line in the same cell
Re page/Page down goes to the inside/next spreadsheet

CTRL + >> Shows formulas
CTRL + BACKSPACE > Shows the active cell
CTRL + SHIFT + & >>Applies a border to the selected cells
CTRL + B >>Bold
Ctrl + K >> Italic
CTRL + SHIFT + $ >> Style coin number
CTRL + SHIFT +% >> Percent number style
CTRL + SHIFT + ^ >> Scientific annotation style
CTRL + SHIFT + @ >>Date style
CTRL + SHIFT +! Number style
CTRL + F12 >>Open
CTRL + SPACEBAR >> Selects the entire column

SHIFT + SPACEBAR >> Select all row
CTRL + [selects all cells directly related to formulas in a selection.]
Ctrl + D >> Copy equation
CTRL + F >> Find
CTRL + H >> Find and replace
CTRL + LEFT ARROW >> Move left
CTRL + RIGHT ARROW >>Move right
CTRL + UP ARROW >> Move up

CTRL + ENTER >>Same data in multiple cells
Shift + F3 >> Fiind a function
CTRL + * >> Is used to select a cell area automatically without using the mouse.
CTRL + Key += = >> Add row or column
CTRL + Key-= >>Deletes row or column
CTRL + SHIFT + ARROW >> Selects until the end of the data
CTRL + + >> Dates of the day.
Note: Some of these formulas may vary depending on your keyboard’s language settings.


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