21 Most Popular & Used Computer Programming Languages for Coding

Most Popular Programming Languages
Finishing our professional career is the longing for every college student, but completing studies is just the beginning to guide you in what you really like and continue a constant search for new knowledge that does not lead you to delve into a specific topic and become real specialist.

The same happens when you are a computer programmer, you must choose the programming languages to study thoroughly, a difficult choice, because the languages have very different objectives and depending on those you dominate, so will be your work area in the future.

To say that there are better or worse programming would be a great lie, in many cases, it is defined only by fashion or by demand. Languages such as C or C++ have been with us for more than 30 years and remain in force, others only acquire fame for a while and then disappear.

To have a better reference, we can take the list of most popular programming languages, elaborated by via Fossbytes and is a compilation of data from the use activity of GitHub and StackOverflow which makes it quite reliable.

The measurement was made and still relevant this year.
1. javascript
2. java
3. php
4. Python
5. C #
6. C++
7. Ruby
8. css
9. C
10. Objective-C
11. Shell
12. R
13. Perl
14. Scala
15. Go
16. Haskell
17. Swift
18. Matlab
19. Visual Basic
20. Clojure
21. Groovy
The selection shows that in its top 10, are the main languages for the creation of Web pages. The list is very useful for those who start or want to delve into specific or use more programming languages.


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