7 Best Screen Capture & Recording Software & Apps for PC & Phones

 programs to record your PC screen
We commonly know the video as a system of recording and reproducing images, which can be accompanied by sounds and it has become the main means to transmit all kinds of events, educate people and also entertain them.

There are millions of people who use a computer to develop their work and for many, their work is to teach or provide any kind of information that is directly related to the screen of their personal computer.

If you want to open your YouTube channel to show what you do on your computer or record the screen for any purpose, the following list of programs will be of great help to you because they allow you to perform many functions that relate to what you need. Capture images, burn the screen, edit and add audio to your videos.

1. Action!
We start with the best and action! It is mentioned first because it has amazing options when it comes to recording your computer screen. Full HD Recording (1080 p) at 60 (FTP-frames per second), allows you to record the screen and your webcam simultaneously, choose the audio quality you want to record (WAV/mp3) and many more functions. You can download the free version or if you want to purchase the full software.

2. Camtasia
This application is well known in the world of YouTubers. besides recording the screen, it is a powerful video editor with a large number of functions, intuitive and easy to use, you can add music, photos, narration and much more. You can download a free version of this application or buy the program for full Rights to all the features.

3. OBS Studio
It is a free and open source program for live streaming video recording. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. It has functions of a good video editor, color correction, filters to improve audio, customized transitions among other options.

4. Smrecoder
This application is very easy to use with simple configurations. Multi-Language user interfaces. Light software that is capable of recording and synchronizing the video and audio of your computer screen and the most interesting thing is that, it’s totally free.

5. Screenflow
Most programs that are in this list are for the Windows operating system, but, Screenflow is made for Mac. It is a very complete video editor, you can record part of the monitor and at the same time captures the flow of a video camera.

Its interface is intuitive and convenient to use, you can add text, images, music, animations and transitions for a professional-looking screencast.

6. Atube Catcher
It is considered the most popular software to download videos and record audio and video of your PC. It has very interesting options to record the screen of your computer but it is really known as a download manager for video and audio. Many years ago, it has kept his promise of free use.

7. Screencastify
This Program is for Chrome and you can add it directly to the browser to record, edit, annotate, store and share screenshots and video. There is a free lite version and a premium version that has multiple functions for video editing.


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