About The Publisher

Welcome to my page!

I’m AKINYANDE, A.A. popularly known as chaktty, the publisher of articles on this blog platform. I’m a scientist right from my high school before I went to the university to study sports,recreation and education and I stay mostly in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been a publisher in print media and I’ve written over five books.

Some of the books are The pragmatic Approach towards prosperity ” ,” The role of Security and Exchange Commission “, “price trend of Nigerian stock exchange price”, Understanding Weighted Average in predicting stocks”,” chaktty Aptitude Test” and many more.

Most of my works are on business and personal development. I’ve been training minds, encouraging and motivating people I meet in my life and contributing meaningfully to their lives.

I’ve started blogging since year 2004 but I don’t take it serious for business, which made me delve into stocks trading fully in 2007 till date and I’ve been writing on this topic since then until I started a small enterprise that’s into digital production and computer skills acquisition that I pick my gadget to begin to write on the “wall” of Internet for you to read. Yes, I mean you! and only you.
You can Contact me for business, suggestion or feedback on www.wificallingiphone.com via admin@wificallingiphone.com